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All Solid Poly Box

​Our box features a 1/2″ thick High Density Solid Poly Floor and 3/4″ thick Solid Poly sides for easy cleaning and minimal freeze up. Also, less friction means less force needed to pull the load off. The hydraulic end gate and front panel are also lined with poly.

Vertical Beaters

The Twin Twister Vertical Beater is both versatile and tough, and offers a superior spread pattern compared to horizontal beaters. Built by BERMA, a world leader in vertical beater attachments and gearboxes. It features Twin Ø39″ Diameter Vertical Beaters w/ 15MM Thick Spiral Flighting. Abrasion-resistant knives come standard, but may be replaced by any number of cups for finer materials and semi-solids.

​Spread patterns of 40-50 feet in width.

1000 RPM Input – 420 RPM Beaters

35 Series CAT 6 80° CV PTO Drive Shaft

​ The constant velocity universal joint allows smooth machine operation through a wide range of motion. The CV delivers constant power by self-canceling torque and speed fluctuations typically found in single cardan-type universal joints. The HP rating from this drive shaft gives you more than enough power to chew through those tough loads.

Ø1-3/8″-21 Spline or Ø1-3/4″-20 Spline (1000 RPM)

Automatic Over-Running Clutch 

An automatic clutch built into the rear PTO drive shaft offers a level of implement overload protection not possible with other types of clutches. The compact, efficient design disconnects the power source from the drivetrain when overload occurs, and does not reconnect until the speed is reduced to near-zero. During disengagement, the patented design does not allow or generate damaging torque spikes or heat. An audible clattering noise alerts the operator when it has disconnected. A built-in overrunning feature allows the beaters to coast to a stop when the PTO is disengaged.

Heavy-Duty Apron

The 67P11 Positive Lock Chain is made of the highest quality construction for heavy duty work in farming and other industrial projects. The links are made of a one piece construction with no pins to bend, lock or shear.


Slats are 1/4″ thick x 2-1/2″ width x 1-1/2″ height

Optional Pintle Chain

A 667XH or 88W pintle chain is also an option.

The open barrel design helps eliminate material buildup in the root of the sprockets and features smoother operation, uniform link wear, and greater resistance to fatigue. All heat-treated parts and quad-staked pins.

​88W Pintle Slats are 3/8″ thick x 2″ width x 2″ height

Heavy-Duty Hydraulic Apron Drive

An In-Line Parallel Shaft Gear Reducer with a 43.6:1 ratio drives a Ø2-3/8″ shaft. Very high efficiency and torque. No worm gear also means less heat and more durability, along with better seal & lube life. Bevel and cylindrical forged gears made from the best material available today. Manufactured by BERMA, a world leader.

Hydraulic drive is standard with built-in overload relief protection. Provides variable unloading speeds to match load, ground speed, or application rate requirements. 

Available control options include standard tractor-operated flow control, a manual flow control valve with “twist hose”, or an electric flow control valve with a control box located in the tractor cab.

Optional Spread Pan

An optional Stainless Steel Spread Pan ensures good distribution of material that may otherwise make it past the beaters. SAE 304 Stainless Steel construction ensures it won’t rust or corrode with highly acidic manure such as poultry litter.

Recommended for fine material and semi-solids.

Optional Scale Kit

Keep track of how much you are spreading with an optional scale kit system by Digi-Star. The 5 point load cell system offers accurate weight readings to a variety of indicators.

Indicator Options

EZ400 (Click Here For Details)

EZ2810 (Click Here For Details)

NT460 Nutrient Tracker (Click Here For Details)

NT8000i Rate Controller (Click Here For Details)


Product Specs

Product Specifications

CAPACITYStruck- 440 ft3*

Heaped- 615 ft3*

Old Rating- 750 Bushel

EMPTY WEIGHT13,340 lbs

or 667XH Pintle

or 88W Pintle

​SPINDLES​(4x) Ø3-3/8″
​WHEEL HUBS(4x) 15000# Hubs
​TIRE SIZEStd-1600R20 (Used)

Opt- 600/55×26.5  (Flotation Tires)

BEATERSTwin Ø39″ Vertical Beaters w/ 15MM Thick Spiral Flighting

​0 ft/min – 12 ft/min


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