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1200 Gallon SideQuest Field Sprayers


  • Two 600 gallon polyethylene tanks with 16″ fillwells, molded sight gauge, large centered drainage sump and high volume jet agitator.
  • Better visibility – Tanks are mounted longitudinal for superb visibility.
  • Tank mounting brackets deliver excellent front to rear weight distribution ratio (25% front; 75% rear) and optimal row crop spraying clearance. Extended rear axle spindle mount allows weight to be shifted to the rear, relieving stress on the tractor’s front axle and chassis. Units will fit on tractors with or without front duals. Rear duals are required.
  • 3 .5″ rear spindle diameter with oil bathed tapered bearings located under tank, resulting in exceptional weight distribution
  • Transport Width – 16′ 11″ when wheels/tracks are set on 120″ centers.
  • Tanks and brackets designed for optimal row crop spraying clearance
  • 3 point 80/90′ hydraulic front fold boom with leveling linkage and shock absorbers to soften the ride. Live hydraulic control block requires only one set of remote outlets to perform all boom functions.
  • Boom can be folded to spray in a 60′ or an unfolded 80/90′ width.
  • Unique hydraulic glide suspension system makes the boom wings weightless. The guide wheels activate the hydraulic system and automatically adjust for uneven terrain. Guide wheels have puncture proof tires. (optional).
  • Quick & easy – 3-point rear mount hookup with quick couple plumbing and jack stands for easy installation and removal. Fits category II or III.
  • Easy access control panel – makes easy work of preparation, refilling and clean-up.
  • 100 gallon rinse tank – thoroughly flushes entire system.
  • Front mounted step and work platform. (Optional)

NOTE: Tractors with aftermarket dual hubs may require different mounting bolts.
NOTE: Hub spacer assembly is designed for tractors with 520 or narrower rear tractor tires.
NOTE: Front fenders need to be removed on most models. Factory setup is standard for 3-point frame and boom assembly.

U.S. Patent No. 6,286,870 & 8,839,999

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