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1000 Gallon SideQuest Side Mount Fertilizer Tanks


    • Two 500 gallon high capacity side mount tanks with 16″ fillwell. Delivers excellent front to rear weight distribution ratio (25% front: 75% rear). Extended rear axle spindle mount allows weight to be shifted to the rear, relieving stress on the tractor’s front axle and chassis. Units will fit on tractors with or without front duals. Rear duals are required.
    • Better visibility – tanks are mounted longitudinal for superb visibility. Choose either high or low clearance for visibility and crop clearance.
    • Roll-away jack stands – for easy installation and removal (optional).
    • Comfortable transport width – 16′ 4″ when straddle duals are set on 120″ centers.
    • Flanged fittings provide leak free plumbing.

    NOTE: Tractors with aftermarket dual hubs may require different mounting bolts.
    NOTE: Hub spacer assembly is designed for tractors with 20.8 or narrower rear tractor tires.
    NOTE: Front fenders need to be removed on most models.
    NOTE: Tractors equipped with Aftermarket LSW tires require a 2nd hub from JD and a spacer ring for hub

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