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1000 Gallon SideQuest Fertilizer Tanks for 40″ Wide Row Applications


      • Two 500 gallon high capacity side mount tanks with 16″ fillwell – delivers excellent front to rear weight distribution ratio (25% front: 75% rear)
      • Extended rear axle spindle mount allows weight to be shifted to the rear relieving stress on the tractor’s front axle and chassis
      • Units will fit on tractors with or without front duals (rear duals are required)
      • Tanks are mounted longitudinal for superb visibility
      • Transport width – 30″ Row Spacing (16’11”) when straddle duals are set on 120” centers
      • Transport width – 36″ Row Spacing (18′ 11″) when straddle duals are set on 144” centers
      • Transport width – 40” Row Spacing (20’3”)
      • Flanged fittings provide leak free plumbing

      NOTE: Tractors with aftermarket dual hubs may require different mounting bolts.
      NOTE: Hub spacer assembly is designed for tractors with 520.
      NOTE: Front fenders need to be removed on most models.
      NOTE: Tractors equipped with Aftermarket LSW tires require a 2nd hub from JD and a spacer ring for hub

      U.S. Patent No. 6,286,870

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