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The Central Boiler outdoor furnace is located outside, typically 30 to 200 feet (but as far as 500 feet) away from your home or building, and works with any existing heating system.

A water jacket surrounds the furnace firebox and heat exchanger, and heated water is circulated to your home or building through insulated underground pipes — an efficient way to move heat over distances.

The outdoor furnace is designed to work with any existing heating system. Water-to-air or water-to-water heat exchangers or direct circulation conveys the heat into the structure’s forced-air furnace, radiant baseboard or radiant floor heating system. This allows you normal thermostatic temperature control.

The outdoor furnace can provide heat for all your domestic hot water by adding a water-to-water heat exchanger. You can turn off your hot water heater and save even more money!

The outdoor furnace has the ability to heat multiple buildings, such as a garage, workshop, shed, greenhouse, or barn — without using other heating sources. It can even be used to heat a swimming pool or hot tub.

Factors That Affect Your Fuel Consumption

Decreased Heat Loss / Lower Fuel Consumption:
  • Well-insulated building(s)
  • Minimal cold air infiltration
  • Warmer temperature
  • Using seasoned wood with moisture content of less than 25%
Increased Heat Loss / Higher Fuel Consumption:
  • Poorly insulated building(s)
  • Cold air infiltration
  • Colder temperature
  • Using wood with high moisture

Calculate Your Savings

Find out how much money you can save when you use a Central Boiler outdoor furnace. The calculator can even show you how your savings can grow if you finance and/or choose to invest your savings.

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